Directorate of Employment, under Labour Department, Government of West Bengal deals with the unemployed youths of the State. Its main activity encircled around increase employability of the youths, Placement of Unemployed, entrepreneurship development and also Employment Market analysis.

The activities of the Directorate of Employment at a glance


Employment Bank, inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal on 26.07.12, is a state owned job-portal where Job-seekers, Employers & Placement Agencies, Educational Institutions& Training Providers , Service Providers & Service Seekers are able to interact online. The basic objective of the job-portal is to open better employment opportunities for the enrolled job seekers and to provide access to a wide variety of job seekers’ data to the enrolled employers for fulfilling their manpower requirements.


The Labour Department, Government of West Bengal launched a scheme from the month of October 2013 named the “YUVA UTSAHA PRAKALPA-2013” later renamed “YUVASREE”. This scheme was launched with an aim to support the first one lakh job seekers enrolled in the Employment Bank in enhancing their employability by undergoing some Skill Training. Under this Scheme, the government is providing an assistance of Rs.1500/- (one thousand five hundred rupees) per month per beneficiary. 


This is the latest imitative of this Directorate which strives for placement of unemployed in the Jute Mills which are showing considerable intake potential at present. This training consists of one month theoretical training at the EEs followed by two months practical training in the Jute Mills. Stipend is provided to the participants during the training period and there is bright prospect of being appointed in the Jute Mills on completion of the training. This training is being imparted at 10 EEs at present and shall roll out to more EEs in near future.


The scheme “Skill Development for Enrolled Job-Seekers” was introduced under Government Notification No. 1502-GE dated 01/08/2007. The aim is to enhance of the employability of job-seekers enrolled with Employment Exchanges/enrolled with Employment Bank through up-gradation of skill by imparting skill development training on trades in demand.

  • Skill Training
    Skill training on specific courses is provided through enlisted training providers all over the state in order to assist the job-seekers enrolled with Employment Exchanges/ enrolled with the Employment Bank in skill up-gradation for enhancement of their employability. Subsidy is provided for such training @ 50% of training cost (maximum Rs.5000/-). The Skill providers are selected inviting through open EOI and Technical feasibility of the Training Providers are done by a technical committee. Job seekers willing to go for Skill Training contacted directly to Employment Exchanges and Employment Exchanges send them to Skill Providers for admission. Inspection of Institution is done on regular basis to monitor the skilling process. Subsidy is released directly to the Skill providers after completion of skilling. 
  • Special Coaching
    Special Coaching was started by the Directorate of Employment, West Bengal from the year 2007-08. Ten days’ Special Coaching programmes are arranged within the premises of Employment Exchanges to help the EB enrolled job-aspirants in preparing for various competitive examinations. Resource persons from reputed institutes are invited as faculty and provided with Honorarium @ Rs 350/- per hour. This service is provided free of cost to the enrolled job seekers.
  • Mock Test
    Mock-Tests for various job-oriented Competitive Examinations are conducted by the Directorate of Employment, West Bengal. The facility of Mock-Test is available to the EB enrolled job-seekers free of cost and no waiting period is required. Subject wise Result of the Mock Test is disseminated to the participants which helps to assess the strength and weakness of the candidate. 
  • Career Talk
    Career Talks are organised by Employment Exchanges within the premises of Educational institutions like schools and colleges to help students plan their career through information dissemination on Various vocational/professional/technical courses and job opportunities available in such field/trades.
  • Career Corner
    Career Corners are reading rooms within or outside the premises of Employment Exchanges where books and periodicals pertaining to the syllabus of various competitive examinations are kept.


Domestic workers represent an important and growing segment of the labour force with the majority of them being women. The Government of West Bengal introduced the Prashikshan Shibir programme in the year 2012 to upgrade the skill of unskilled and semi-literate domestic workers. Proshikshan Shibir of ten days duration are organised in Employment Exchanges for domestic workers . From this financial year (2018-19) this service has been extended to all willing female enrolled job seekers and the stipend has also been enhanced to Rs.250/- per day from Rs 100/- per day. Initiatives are taken to digitised the beneficiaries of Trained Domestic workers in a silo portal.


The Government of West Bengal introduced the “UdiyamanSwanirbharKarmasansthanPrakalpa (USKP)” in 2008 to assist the unemployed youth enrolled with Employment Exchanges to take up economically viable entrepreneurship ventures. The maximum project cost under the scheme is Rs.50,000/- for an individual beneficiary and 25% of the loan amount (subject to a maximum of Rs.12,500/-) is provided as subsidy to ease the loan burden on the applicant.


Training and Guidance programmes held by the Employment Exchanges with the help of experts from banking and financial institutes to assist the candidates in setting up of their self-employment ventures by taking financial assistance under various government subsidized schemes. Capacity building and counselling is generally provided through the RSETIs and RUDSETIs.


The Model Career centres are being set up in aegis of NCS project of DGE&T ,GOI which envisages progressive transformation of Employment Exchanges into Career Centres. The enrolment of job seekers in such centres are done in NCS Job-portal ( portal is a digital platform which takes care of various requirements of the unemployed including their placement, Career Counselling, Psychometric Test, Skill Deficiency analysis, Organising ‘ job fair’, is one of the prominent activities of MCCs.